East Woodmen Self Storage

East Woodmen Self Storage

East Woodmen Self Storage is your full service neighborhood self storage facility

Conveniently located in rapidly growing Forest Meadows subdivision, we provide the quality space that you need when storing for a few weeks or a few months. Before starting this new business, we exhaustively studied the market to find what potential customers wanted, and here’s what we heard:

1. “Your self-storage facility must be in a good location.” We have built this terrific new property on East Woodmen Road at the intersection of Black Forest Road. You’ll quickly see our leasing office and you’ll enter the property on Forest Meadows Avenue.

2. “You’ve got to make it easy to rent a unit.” We deliver numerous simple ways to rent a unit. If you’re good with your handheld device, then rent a unit with it. We offer leases using e-signature with electronic payment. If you prefer a larger screen, your laptop will provide the same options. You can also have us email you a pdf contract which you can send back via email. And of course, our favorite rental method is for you to come to our office and work with our exceptional staff person-to-person. Whatever works for you, we can do.

3. “The last facility that I used had trash in the driveways and my unit was dirty when I moved in.” This facility will be impeccably maintained. Your unit in our new facility will be thoroughly cleaned.

4. “We don’t want to deal with another corporate storage giant with more policy than courtesy.” Our facility is locally owned and it is operated by our exceptional resident manager, Caitlyn Martinez. We live in Colorado Springs, and we have built a business that we are happy and proud to have in our town.

If you are moving to or from the Colorado Springs, we have you covered. You will find moving supplies, truck rentals and the perfect sized unit to store your household belongings, while in transition. Whether you are moving to Banning Lewis Ranch, Stetson Hills, Black Forest, or along N. Powers Blvd., we are the most accessible location for storage and truck rentals.

Colorado Springs is home to many families on the move. Skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, ATV trail riding are some of our favorite activities. East Woodmen Self Storage was designed with the active family in mind. If you need a ski closet, we have it! A place to store your ATV's and camping supplies, done! We even have space for your travel trailer or Canoe!

East Woodmen Self Storage


7115 Forest Meadows Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80908


9:00 - 6:00: Monday - Friday
9:00 - 3:30: Saturday